Monday, 17 November 2014

Mizon All in One Snail Repair Cream

After trialing Mizon all in one snail repair cream for the past month I finally feel comfortable reviewing this product for you all.

Sorry wait a second, did you just say snail??? 
Yup, snail. 92% snail filtrate infact! Snail filtrate has been used to accelerate wound healing and burn healing as well as a small study which showed improved skin texture and diminished fine lines. It has been touted as an excellent product for those with acne, aging concerns and generally unhappy skin. 

Mizon is a South Korean cosmetics company who seem to specialise in skin care products, their best sellers include lots of different snail products as well as those containing starfish and even bee venom! While many of these ingredients are available in products in the UK (Dr Organics at Holland and Barrett also do a snail gel range, and Rodial/Nip + Fab do a bee venom range) their prices are much higher than Mizon, and the concentrations of these ingredients tend to be a bit lower (in my experience, correct me if I'm wrong!) 

I own quite a few Mizon products and have never reacted badly to any of their products, in fact the only product I've tried of theirs which I wasn't too keen on we're the peeling foot masks - they just leaked everywhere. 

So...onto the review!

Mizon All in one Snail Repair Cream comes in a 75g jar (£8.89) or a 35g tube and is available from as well as TesterKorea and eBay (check out the /asianbeauty subreddit for a list of reputable shops and sellers) 

Ingredients: Snail secretion filtrate, cetearyl olivate, sorbitan olivate, cetearyl alcohol, stearic acid, glyceryl stearate, hydrogenate vegetable oil, dimethicone, triethanolamine, carbomer, butylene glycol, PEG/ppg-17/6 copolymer, polyacrylate-13, polyisobutene, polysorbate 20, sodium polyacrylate, caprylyl glyocol, ethylhexyglycerin, tropolone, adenosine, sodium hyaluronate, portulaca oleracea extract, betula platyphylla japonica juice, amica Montana flower extract, Artemisia absinthium extract, achillea milefolium extract, gentian lutea root extract, alcohol, camellia sinensis leaf extract, centella asiatica extract, copper tripeptide-1, human oligopeptide-1, propylene glycol, rubus idaeus (raspberry) fruit xtract, beta-glucan, palmitoyl pentapeptide-4, disodium

All in all - pretty nice ingredients list! 

Packaging: Brown glass jar which makes me think of an apocathary for some reason! I would have preferred a tube, however I'm unsure how well it would dispense out of one given its slimed texture! Remember to use a spatula for hygiene reasons or at least wash your hands before use!  
Texture: It looks and feels like snail goo, it's quite slippery and it's more of a gel than a cream. A little goes a long way and you don't need more than a pea sized amount to cover your whole face - add a bit more to cover your neck. It sinks in within a minute and after that it leaves the skin only slightly tacky, however this goes away after about 5 mins. 
The amount I need to cover my face, this won't be running out any time soon! 
You can see it leaves a slight sheen on the skin when its first applied

Scent: It doesn't smell of anything really, no weird snail smell, maybe a hint of floral but nothing overwhelming. 
Moisture: My skin always feels quite dewy after applying, however I wouldn't wear this alone, I layer essence/Ampoule over this and then finish with a heavier moisturiser. 
Effects: I've found that since using this my essence is working better (I use Missha First Time essence) and is sinking in a lot quicker. In 4 weeks my skin is looking much plumper and I've found blemish scabs have been healing at a faster rate than normal (usually the redness and dryness hangs around for a week longer when I don't use this) 
Makeup: One thing I struggle with when I'm layering skincare is my makeup slipping, as this actually sinks in and doesn't just sit on top of my skin, my makeup as been staying very well as long as I wait at least 10 mins after my whole regime before applying foundation. 

Re-buy: Yes!!! I can't actually imagine running out of this, although Mizon makes several different snail creams they would have to be incredible to replace this one for me!  

Have you tried this cream or any of the other Mizon Snail creams, if so what did you think of them?