Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Innisfree capsule recipe pack - A Selection

Innisfree capsule recipe packs come in a variety of different "flavours", a mixture of wash-off packs and sleeping packs. I recently purchased 6 different ones to try out while Innisfree were offering a "buy 3 get 3 deal." Here's what I got:
I'll be adding to this review as and when I use each pack (as it seems a little silly to review them all separately!) 

Innisfree is a Korean cosmetics company that bases most of their products on ingredients sourced or inspired by Innisfree Island. They appear to be a sort of "body shop" type store in Korea with an emphasis on "Eco" and natural products. 

Innisfree capsule recipe pack: Seaweed.
This is a wash-off pack containing "jeju green complex" which sounds rather ambiguous if you ask me! It's meant to be brightening and "warming".

Texture: very sticky and gel like with little hard dark green particles which look like seaweed. It spreads easily with a pack brush and when heated by the skin is a lot less sticky! 

Scent: not fishy or seaweedy! More that sort of fresh smell you get from men's shower gel - actually pretty refreshing! 

Ingredients: no idea I can't find it anywhere!! It's just lucky I didn't have a reaction to this!

Effects: after applying the mask warmed, just slightly not like one of those horrible heated clay masks that actually burn, but a gentle "I've just stepped into a heated room" warmness. 
After 15 mins I added water and massaged my face - only to find those little dark green bits did a very gentle job of physically exfoliating my face! 
Afterwards the little dry flecks of skin around my nose were gone and my face felt quite moisturised - nothing dramatic but a pleasant surprise none the less!

Rebuy: maybe, I'd like to try out the other masks I purchased. For reasonably cheap 15 min treatment the results were pretty good. I will definitely have 2 more applications out of this little pot (a little goes a long way) 

Innisfree Capsule Recipe Pack - Rice Sleeping
The next mask I tried was the Rice Sleeping Pack. I took this with me while I was on a 3 day trip to visit family in North Wales before Christmas - I had to really cut down my skin regime and this was a great way to save some precious packing space! 

Scent: Rice, like rice pudding - not quite as pleasant as I'd have imagined more of a stale cooking smell (I guess I'm spoilt with the scent of my other products)

(Excuse the worse than usual photo, I was staying in a farmhouse!) 

Texture: Like pudding, it seemed to have minescule granules in it (may have been my imagination) like rice flour. Applied quite thickly and took about 10 mins to sink in - it didn't feel very smooth on my face.

Effects: A nasty rash. I overeggagerate, it was a small rash effecting my jaw line (the most sensitive part of my face) no redness just hundreds of tiny little bumps which made my skin feel like sandpaper. It's a week later now and my skin is back to normal but it went through a dry flaky tight phase and then all peeled off. No idea what the ingredients are so I can't pinpoint the cause except that this was the only new product of been using! 

Rebuy?, sandpaper face was not a good look.