Sunday, 28 December 2014

Makeon Princess Gel Eyeliner Set - Season 1 mermaid

I'm always on the lookout for ways to make my makeup more portable - I travel a lot at the moment between Wales and Bristol and I've lost count of the number of blushers/eyeshadows/powders I've managed to shatter all over my handbag/clothes. Blushers I've replaced with creams and tints, powder I've replaced with mist, but after trying several cream type eyeshadows and coloured eye crayons/pencils I've yet to find one with the staying power I desire. 

I'm a massive fan of eye crayons - they're so easy and quick to use, the colour payout is usually good and the end look is always pleasing. Then something happens between the bathroom and arriving at work..the crayon has creased, the tasteful shimmer now decorates my cheeks like a "little miss America" contestant and the "waterproof/smudge proof/12HR wear" claims have left a bitter taste in my mouth. 

So when I saw the adverts for this product on showing an incredibly waterproof product I jumped the gun and bought it instantly. 

Let's see if this set lives up to the hype...

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Makeon is the makeup line from Tosowoong, a Korean skincare brand. They've brought out several sets of gel liners all available in tins decorated by pictures of various "princesses" (I assume this one is supposed to be Ariel). I bought season 1 - which is mostly Browns/golds. 

The outside metal case - very travel-proof!
I purchased this set from Tosowoong on eBay during an auction for £7.50 about 2 months ago - which I still think was a very good price. I also got 5 Tosowoong samples! Or if you prefer you can buy it from Wishtrend or Memebox

The inside - perfectly cushioned for beauty on the go

The case contains 5 different pencils, all around 4 inches each. 

The colours are:
Party Tonight Pearl Black 
Lovely Espresso Brown
Sexy Vampire Burgundy
Sweet Princess Gold
Look At Me Lovely Beige

I was most excited about the gold and the beige in this set, as brown and black eyeliners with good staying power are easy to find. I love using light shimmery colours in the inner corner of my eyes, but it never usually lasts very long. 

Completely water-proof - some flaking when rubbed with soap though

First impressions: As you can see in sunlight these all have a slight pearly shimmer and the gold has slightly larger flecks of glitter. The colour payout was very good and they dried almost instantly - becoming completely smudge-proof, water-proof and crease-proof. Now you must remember with these types of pencils that they are waterproof not oil-proof, so use minimal skincare on your lids before using them and consider using a primer if your lids are very oily. 

Ease of use: The black and brown shades apply beautifully, they don't tug and one swipe is all you need to get a really strong colour. Burgundy just doesn't suit my pinky skin and makes me look like I've been crying all day but this one also applies smoothly. 
The gold (ahh the gold...) tugs. When you apply it it tugs my lids and you have to swipe more than once to get a good colour payoff - which causes the colour to clump making my eyelids look bumpy. To add insult to injury those gold flecks then explode over my cheeks (yayy teen disco!!!!) As this was the colour I was most looking forward to this was a bit of a disappointment. 
The beige also suffers from the same tugging affliction, but it stays put even on my inner eyes - so I can forgive it for tugging a little.

Another point to note is that these are not auto-pencils - you do need to sharpen them like normal pencils. 

The good and the bad

Rebuy: Maybe, I'd like to try Étude House Play 101 pencils to see how they fare compared to these and then perhaps Clio Gelspresso pencils (that Fanserviced-b has been raving about) These pencils are miles better than any I've tried from the UK, they do last all day - but for me I'm still looking for my perfect "gold" pencil.